Here you can find selected sermons of the church at the Kirche am Bahnhof, Frankenberg, Germany, translated in the English Language.


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Unstoppable –
The right foundation of faith –                   – Jesus, the way
Strong and brave – Whole devotion
        Gifted and talented
        Make wise decisions
       Draw circle
       A new covenant
      Take bold steps
      A new identity
2022 ⇑
I want to give you a present. God
Life with hope
The Sermon on the Mount:
In the middle of the last century goatherds found clay jugs with strange scrolls in a cave near the over 2000 year old settlement of Qumran – which became famous as the Scrolls of Qumran. They contain almost the entire book of Isaiah with its 66 chapters. Isaiah lived around 700 BC. and even then described the coming Messiah – Jesus Christ – in very clear lines. The book of Isaiah is therefore considered to be the gospel of the Old Testament