Sermons – Kirche am Bahnhof, Frankenberg

Here you can find selected sermons of the church at the train station, Frankenberg, Germany, translated in the English Language.


Cultivating the relationship with God

Relationship that heal

Happy differently

When we lose the sight of Gods glory

Vision of the church in this Time

Vision personally

Christ in us – the hope of glory

The good news according to Isaiah

1. God’s greatness and Isaiah’s vocation

2. Obedience or sacrifice

3. Own Wisdom or Trust?

4. God rules – but differently

5. The servant of God

6. The vision of a new heaven

7. God does what he promises

Jesus brings to life

Belief in Jesus is correct.

I incomparable 1 – Self-Love vs. Selfishness

I incomparable 2 – Who or what determines my worth?

I incomparable 3 – Lead yourself – take responsibility