What guides me:

As the author of these pages, I feel responsible exclusively to Jesus Christ, and I am guided by the Bible as the Word revealed by God to us humans. From my own experience, I know that you can rely on this word and would like to share this experience with others.
In my opinion, members of the church of Jesus are found in all denominations, yet the church of Jesus is not necessarily identical to the official churches / churches. For this reason, I do not promote any religious community / church but Jesus Christ alone, the risen and returning Lord of the church of Jesus, who alone can forgive sins and is the only way to Heavenly Father
Of course, anyone who wants to follow Jesus Christ needs a church in which people are at home, who follow Jesus as he does. The name of this church is of secondary importance, the main thing being: Jesus is the Lord here!
I regard the Apostles’ Creed and the “Lord’s Prayer” taught by Jesus as essential expressions of the faith of the church of Jesus Christ in life, that is, words and words Work (evangelization and diakonia) of individual believers and of the congregation. Helpful are also the statements of the Heidelberg Catechism.


A personal testimony

Maybe the one or the other ask yourself here why I run such a website as an individual.
There was once in my past 1976 a drastic experience which is still very present to me today and that could not have taken place at human discretion because it contradicts the laws of nature. You can read it here. Since then, I have always experienced my God, who revealed himself to me in Jesus Christ, as present, especially in brutal situations. The Lord Jesus has made it clear to me that I can not keep this to myself. After all, he has not only come into this world for me alone, but for anyone who believes in him and wants to trust him. He led me to build this website although I did not want that at all. So here I stand at this point and ask HIM to bless my readers through the writing. I’m sure he’ll do it!

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