In the summer of 1976 I drove as a professional driver with a liquid-gas tanker on the main road from Herborn to Gladenbach. The road was not yet developed and therefore confusing, winding and so narrow that two trucks just passed each other, when both drove to the right. In one of the curves, however, suddenly a truck came to meet me on my side. Then everything went in fractions of seconds. We were only two meters apart (I thought I could touch it if the windshield were not in between). At that moment, I remembered what my mother kept telling me, “If you’re in danger, call Jesus for help, he’ll help you.” I did this. The moment I called out “Jesus”, something incredible happened: the truck pulled up like a snake in front of my eyes, passing my left mirror inch by inch without leaving a single scratch! I myself had to stop at the very last opportunity because I could not drive because of all the trembling. This experience is unforgotten until today and I am still trembling at the thought of it.

Herbert Adam

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