What is it about the Christian faith? Who is Jesus really? Does he still have an empowerment in our time, for me? Do I have any of this if I believe in God (Jesus Christ)? Here it becomes interesting what Blaise Pascal, the French philosopher and mathematician, means. His reasoning has become known as the “Pascal bet”:

The Pascal bet

What is the Christian belief? Who is Jesus really? Does he still have an empowerment in our time, for me? Do I have any of this if I believe in God (Jesus Christ)? Here’s what makes Blaise Pascal, the French philosopher and mathematician, interesting. His reasoning has become known as the “Pascal bet”:

He said in the following way: Either there is a God or there is no God, between one of them we have to decide, but for which of them? Reason does not help us here, because neither can one prove God, nor that he does not exist.

As I said, we can not avoid a decision, because if we do not decide, we decide that it does not exist. Pascal says: You can either lose the truth and the luck, or win your reason, your will, knowledge and bliss. If you rely on faith in God and win, if you win everything, if you lose and God does not exist, you have lost nothing. So it’s always better to believe.

After Blaise Pascal there is the following to win or lose:

One believes in God and he really exists – then one is rewarded with heaven

You believe in God and you do not exist – you have neither gained nor lost anything

You do not believe in God and it does exist – then you have lost and are punished with hell

You do not believe in God and you do not exist – then you have neither lost nor won.


The question of whether God really exists or not, people are always, especially when their lives get into critical phases.The following pages would like to give some guidance on how to determine your own position.

For this I always remember an incident that my mother told me more often when I was a child:

She had to run as a teenager again and again from the county seat to their residence. The path led largely through deep spruce forests. On that day, she was traveling with her sister when they both noticed that at some distance two men followed them, but they did not approach each other, but always walked in the same distance behind them. They both felt very scared and fear arose, especially since there was no house far and wide. Shortly before their destination, but already in place, one of the two men came to them and talked to them about these words: “Who are you, and who were these two white-clad men who always walked between you and us and did not let us get closer I have to confess that we actually wanted to ambush you, but we could not!” It is not necessary to mention that neither my mother nor her sister had seen her protectors.

God says in his Word, the Bible (Psalm 50:15):

“Call me in distress, so I will save you and you shall praise me”

The truth of this statement I’ve tested in my life more than once, of necessity. In no case have I ever called in vain!

“I do not need God.” That was the view of picture reporter Daniel Böcking. Until he stands shocked in front of the pile of rubble that was once a school. He has often talked about wars and disasters, but what he experienced in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 exceeds everything ….

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