When King Henry VIII of England knew that his life was coming to an end, he summoned his court jester to his deathbed.
“My friend,” he said to him, “we must say goodbye now.” With his fool’s cap on his head, the jester asked with a solemn earnestness, “Where are you going, my lord?” “I do not know,” replied the king , “Did you take away enough travel money?” Asked the jester, to which the king replied: “No, I did not have that.” “But then you have certainly taken someone who shows you the way?” Inquired the fool. The king sighed loudly and said sadly: “Unfortunately, I do not know anybody who could show me the way!”


Then the court jester took off his cap and said to his king: “All my life I have been looking for a bigger fool than myself. Today I found him! You embark on a great journey and do not know the way. You do not return and you take neither provisions nor travel money with you. You do not know where you will stay and you do not have one who will bring you safely to your destination. Now I’ll give you my fool’s cap, because you’re the bigger of us two!”

Does this theater scene sound familiar to you? Do not we do it the same way? We know that our lives will come to an end someday, but we are putting aside the question of where to go and how to get there safely. Some say: “That still has time.”, The others make their own ideas of their otherworldly goal according to the motto: after death, everything is over and over or their think as a carnival hit says: “We all come, all in the Heaven!” But who seriously asks how it actually goes on? After all, this is probably the most important question of our lives. Our life is too short and too valuable to leave behind carelessly. With every older person, the realization comes to light that it happened like in flight. “Where have all those years gone?” Is then asked. But honestly, who among us really knows how old he is going to be? Our life can be over from now on. Are we prepared for it? Do you know where you are going after this life? You can know it. The mathematician, philosopher and physicist Blaise Pascal once set up an equation known as the “Pascal bet”.

He says: You have no choice, you have to bet between two possibilities: Either you believe that God exists, or you believe that he does not exist. There is no other option.

If you believe that God exists, you have two choices: either God exists, then you have won everything, and heaven is waiting for you, or God does not, but then you have lost nothing.
If you believe that God does not exist, you also have two choices: either there is God, then you have lost everything, and hell is waiting for you, or there is no God, then you have neither won nor lost.

If you do not bet, you have already lost.

“No one has ever come back from this trip” With this statement many people try to avoid the question of where to go. Is that really true? One of them claimed to have been there and his followers confirm that. Jesus Christ says of himself: “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me!” He alone knows the way in the Heavenly Fatherland where there will be no pain, no more pain and no more tears. He not only knows the way, no, he is the way. Anyone who confides in him, he brings safely to the goal! He vouches for that.


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