Your desire is to serve God and to go to heaven, to paradise. For this you often take a lot of effort on you and try in all possible ways to please God. But has that led to success so far? Have you become more satisfied, do you now know that God is merciful to you? Our world is on the brink. The climate is going crazy, war over wars that can not be stopped, not only among peoples, no to the families, between siblings, parents and children … Hopelessness is spreading, and it seems to be getting worse. Where is the help?

Much has been done to fill the burning emptiness in our lives, to end the disorientation in our lives and in our societies, but all these attempts seem to go nowhere. Fear is spreading. Fridays for future, the climate stickers are the consequences of this fear of a future in which one can no longer live. So what can we do, who or what can help us? The answer is as clear and simple as it sounds shocking at first glance: nothing we can do, but still everything can be changed! That I am not misunderstood here: I do not mean that we should now let everything go on as before. Our commitment to the climate is very important, but I am very sure: without a return to God, who became our Creator and in Jesus Christ our Father, we will hardly achieve anything. This conversion must be reflected in our very personal life, but also in all of our legislation!

If we open the Bible and search it, we will find that whenever the people of Israel turned away from their God, the problems began until they were driven from their land. We can see the same thing in world history. Let’s just take a look, for example, at the greatest example: the Roman Empire. It went under in its decadence. Where are we today?

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All of us, you and me, do not need a religion. Religions are wishful thinking, sound and smoke. They bring repression and strife. What we need is not a new or old religion What we need is a person: Jesus Christ! He is more than a prophet or do-gooder, he is the way, the truth and the life. Only he is able to change anything, for he is the one the Bible says (John 1: 1-4) that he is the Word of the living God through whom God created the world. This Word of God became man (John 1: 14-17) and, on God’s behalf, created an eternally valid salvation for all human beings. He reconciled us to God again. Now through Him, we have a Father in Heaven who loves us. Only He, Jesus Christ, can fill the void in our lives, end the disorientation. HE is the light that shows us the way, the arm that holds and carries us, the answer to the questions of our lives. He is the help in distress, the consolation in our hopelessness, the light at the end of the tunnel, only HE, who created heaven and earth, can also receive them. Without him we can do whatever we want: it will be in vain. Only He is able to give us a future worth living.

What we experience today, he already announced about 2000 years ago. He will come back very soon to gather his church and all who belong to him into his kingdom of glory and to judge this world. He announced this in his word, the Bible and most recently through a woman in Valdres/Norway. He told her what will happen in the near future, since 1968. Everything happened exactly as said and we are on the very last point. What was announced there is now being fulfilled before our eyes. Jesus Christ said something about this when he walked this earth, by which we can recognize where we are in our time, signs of the time by which we can recognize that his return is now imminent. This return of Jesus will be different than his first coming. This time, as he has announced, he will return as judge. All who belong to him, he will call from this earth, all who wanted nothing to do with him will have to endure his judgment. This is going to be awful.


He extends his hand to us and says: “Come, you are at home with me. With me you will find everything you need: in life and in dying and then an eternal home in heaven. “

Do you take his hand and be saved or do you prefer to stay in the dark tunnel of hopelessness and misery? God can be found in his son Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, the Jewish Bible, it was already announced on the first pages, at the beginning of world history, and since then several hundred times. All these predictions are fulfilled in every detail in Jesus Christ (except those concerning his second coming). He says:


“Seek ye me, and ye shall live!” (Amos 5:4)

Read the accounts of those whom Jesus met in life today. Quite often they hunted followers of Jesus until then, but after this encounter they were so convinced of him that they would not give it back for anything in the world.

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