Short biography C.H.Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

One of the most famous preachers of the 19th century
Born 19.6.1834 in Kelvedon, Essex / England
His family is descended from Dutch refugees who fled to England before the blood regiment Duke Albas.
At 15, he became an assistant teacher
In 1850 he was baptized in a Baptist church.
At only 16 he became a very active and successful witness of Jesus Christ and preacher
As a parish pastor in Worterbeach, he preached in great numbers in barns, on roofs and in the open air. From 1854 also in London.
He fell asleep in peace on January 31, 1892 in Mentone, France.
His sermons were spread all over the world. For 27 years he published the magazine “Sword and Trowel”. His collected writings fill 100 volumes, of which his sermons alone 43. His popular psalm commentary “David’s Treasury” was his major work of lasting value.
Before his end he said: “My work is over, but the Lord has done well.”

One of his rich sentences was, for example: “Prayer is our most important assistant as long as the sermon is still on the anvil. When others, such as Esau, go hunting after a meal, we will find a delicious meal at home through prayer and, like Jacob, but with full truth, say, “The Lord has given it to me.” – Point out our prayerless sermons to turn out to be hay and stubble. A mighty worshiper is a fiery wall around his homeland. The prayers of a Knox fear his enemies more than the hostile armies. – We should not only, we have to pray more. The secret of all our success in the ministry is prayer. ”
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