On this page you will find the Bible, Old and New Testaments as a PDF in the King James Edition, for online reading, and the four Gospels as an audio book.

Bible Reading: A Help

1. In the beginning, ask God to send you His Holy Spirit to help you understand this Scripture, because without him I can not understand God’s Word.
2. Read the text several times, preferably loud, so that it can memorize.
2. Ask the text, perhaps with the questions of a Martin Luther:

What is written?
What do I have to thank?
What do I have to confess?
What can I ask for?

Questions today could be:

What does the text say about God?
How does God see us humans (me)?
Where does the text touch my life?
Where is it similar?
Where does the text question me?
What consequences does the reading have for me?

If you want to work with the Bible, You can also do that on the bible server of ERF *. There you will find current Bible translations in 21 languages with many features such as translation comparison, comments, notes, tags, etc.

* ERF: ERF – Media is the successor of Gospel – Broadcasting, Wetzlar.

King James Bible Online

The Gospel according to Matthew:

The Gospel according to Mark:

The Gospel according to Luke:

The Gospel according to John:

Here you can download the Bible as an app for computer, tablet or phone in over 900 languages for free.