Are you wondering who Jesus really was, if he really existed?

Nobody can prove that God exists, but just as little can prove the opposite. But there are certain indications (even outside the Bible) that Jesus really existed, his death on the cross and his resurrection are among the best documented events in the entire history of the world. Nevertheless, whether a god exists or not is and remains faith. But this belief can be sustained by our minds if we investigate what was and what is.

Read what historians and notorious doubters with rank and name have found out about him and form their own judgment.

Join us on a journey through time and experience Jesus as he walked the world. A movie about his life filmed at Orignal locations, told according to the Gospel of Luke.

Let yourself be carried away by people who have experienced this Jesus himself, indeed whom he even met in person.

Watch a video with a real “Powerman”: Nike Vujicic. He travels the world without his arms and legs and delights young and old alike. His profile: born in Australia, parents from Serbia, living “in Heaven”.

Often unbearable suffering in the world. Where does this come from? What can help? The attempt of an answer to great hardships.

“I do not need God.” That was the perspective of image reporter Daniel Böcking. Until he stands shocked in front of the pile of rubble that was once a school. He has often talked about wars and catastrophes, but what he experiences in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake surpasses everything …. Here is his experience (german language).