Is the Bible really true, are its accounts of the conquest of Israel correct, did the mentioned localities actually exist?

Archeology in the Middle East has its own charm. Sometimes it is coincidences that lead to a great discovery, such as the discovery of the scrolls of Qumran, copies of the entire Old Testament which, except for the book of Esther, until the 3rd century BC. could be backdated. Grave pictures on the making of adobe bricks in ancient Egypt, pottery shards bearing the names of legendary rulers such as Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon mentioned in the Bible, documents from ancient palaces, letters, inscriptions, and the rediscovery of ancient forgotten places in Israel shed new light on credibility the old bible.

Also in relation to scientific statements, the Bible has been repeatedly questioned in the past. However, science has repeatedly had to revise its findings to the extent that it had to give the statements of the Bible right. Here are just a few examples:

  1. The earth hovers in the empty space (Job 26: 7): He spans the north over the emptiness and hangs the earth above the nothing.
  2. The rain humidifies the land, flows through streams and rivers into the sea, and returns again and again as rain: (Ecclesiastes 1: 7) “All waters run into the sea, but the sea does not become fuller, to the place where they flow she always. “
  3. Statements in the Bible about ancient peoples of the Middle East have long been dismissed as fairy tales. However, archaeological excavations in Syria and Turkey have promoted documents and structures, e.g. the Hittite to day.
  4. Matter is transient, it is subject to decay. The theory of evolution speaks of an upward development of organic matter. The bible, on the other hand, is about a downward trend and thus about the end of the world. Science today confirms the downward trend; Example: Our body and all life in our world ages and eventually dies. The “quality” of our cells decreases more and more: in the old days brother and sister could marry each other. Today, the marriage of cousin and cousin is problematic.
  5. The emergence of the world, as depicted on the first pages of the Bible, is in terms of biological information as part of life, in complete harmony with molecular biology. According to the 30 laws of computer science, every piece of information needs a thinking being that sends it out and is outside of matter. Any technical device, such as a car or a computer needs somebody who has a lot of intelligence in developing it. How much more complicated is a human cell. Today’s science clearly confirms the structure of all life in its material and immaterial part. The theory of evolution fails quite clearly in the representation of a “by chance” arising information.

One could continue this enumeration for a long time and it becomes, the longer the more. But this shows that the Bible is trustworthy in every way. But if that is so, then it is of utmost importance for us to know and take good note of their central statements concerning our life, our death, and God, so that we do not become shipwrecked and ruin our lives irreparably.