Ansari*—along with his wife, two teenaged daughters and young son—once believed in and strictly followed the tenets of Islam and Sharia in their native Afghanistan.

Afghanistan ranks second only to North Korea for places where it is hardest to be a Christian, according to research by Christian charity Open Doors

But when one of the daughters became deathly ill, nothing in their own faith system could help them, nor could doctors. Some ‘underground’ Bibles for Mideast ministers in their area heard of the girl’s problem and offered to pray for her. With no other options, the family agreed … even though in Afghanistan, an Islamic state by constitution, any expression of any faith other than Islam is simply not permitted and means certain persecution and often, even death.

After prayer, the young woman received a powerful visitation from Jesus … and was dramatically healed! The entire family, now thoroughly convinced of the reality and Truth of the Gospel, immediately joined the Kingdom of Christ. They became faithful members of an ALG underground church which meets regularly for prayer and worship about 30 miles from their home. Even without their own vehicle, they somehow manage to attend the secretive weekly services.

During worship this past Sunday, someone prophesied that the family urgently needed a thicker prayer covering from the church due to looming dangers in their lives. The church of course obediently prayed for divine protection.

Back in their own home that evening, the children heard unusual sounds outside. The family decided to read and meditate on Psalms 91 and 121—both Psalms of assurance of God’s protection. They then spent some time in prayer. 

Filled with the Holy Spirit, Ansari’s wife stood, feeling compelled to read Micah 2:10:  “Arise and depart, for this is not your rest. Because it is defiled, it shall destroy; yes, with utter destruction.”

Jesus then appeared to Ansari, telling him to leave the house immediately. So without taking anything with them, even a change of clothes, the family fled their home.

By dawn the next day the exhausted family reached their pastor’s house. Both the church leader and his wife had had the same dream that night, seeing Ansari and his family coming to them! So they were praying for them.  And even as they did, the little family arrived at their doorstep!

They received a warm welcome of course, and given the opportunity to rest and recover.

By noon that day a believer rushed over to see the pastor.

“Ansari’s house is burning!” he exclaimed. “Someone set it on fire last night and it’s completely destroyed but still burning. Nobody wanted to stop the fire or save the family … so no one knows whether Ansari and his family are dead or alive. I was all by myself there, and couldn’t do anything. That’s why I came here right away!” 

The pastor invited him in and astounded the man by showing him the family safe inside his home. He explained how the Lord had divinely guided  and protected them all.

He then called all the church members for a joyous time of praise and worship which went on until Tuesday morning.

“Though we lost our house and all our belongings,” Ansari says, “we have Lord Jesus and HIS eternal Kingdom.”

“That is enough for us to live and work for Him,” his wife adds.  

Praise the Lord for His love and care!  Please keep this family and the church there in your prayers.

Name changed for security reasons

Source: Bibles4Mideast


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