With food and rain


It happened in South Asia: Elijah was in the midst of regular training for Christians and future church leaders when a Buddhist monk stood in the doorway. Elijah invited him and the monk stayed there all day listening. In the evening, he asked Elijah if he could come back with two friends the next day – Elijah agreed.

The next morning, the three monks were on time in the classroom. “They stayed for several days,” Tim tells missionary Global Disciples, which supports Elijah. “But when they heard in the classroom who Jesus is, what he does, how close we can be to Jesus, and what it means to be Christian, they finally said to Elijah, ‘But one thing must be wrong – either the Buddhist way the right or the Christian … ‘”The three men asked Elijah if he was ready to test who God really was. They suggested going into a forest, fasting and praying there and if God or Jesus brought them lunch and it would rain, then the three would accept Jesus as their Lord.


God is challenged

The four men traveled to the jungle and arrived there, they began to pray. Tim reports that at 12.30pm a man roared in the woods. He stumbled to the clearing where Elijah and the three monks were. The man had got lost in the jungle and while they talked, he opened his backpack and shared his food with the four men.


“God, are you doing that?”

The first miracle had arrived – but it still was not raining. And that was not surprising, because you were in the dry season. Not a single cloud was visible in the sky. At some point, the monks left the forest again, the lunch had not convinced them yet.

Tim reports: “Elijah was fighting with God inwardly, so much that he began to sweat all over. He asked God, ‘Do you really do such things? Would you let it rain? “” At some point Elijah went home, too, and at 5 pm clouds began to gather and it rained so hard that he had to cancel the evening service.

A new life

The next morning, the three monks came to the training building and declared that they wanted to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They were secretly baptized by Elijah and buried their monk robes at the place in the forest where they had eaten with Elijah as a symbolic sign that they were leaving their old lives and starting a new life with Jesus. “Today, these three former Buddhist monks evangelize and work with drug addicts from their country,” Tim says.

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