As a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, it is an honor for Ali Sayed Husnain Shah to believe in the god of the Koran. He strictly adheres to the teaching of his ancestor. But then Jesus meets him.

Ali Sayed Husnain Shah
My family is very respected in my native Pakistan. We are the direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. I was proud to belong to such a famous family and tried to live up to our name.

Trip to England

At age 15, my parents sent me to England to visit my ailing aunt. Shortly after my arrival, I made a derogatory remark about Christians and was then rebuked by a friend. I should pay attention to what I say about Christians or “apostates.”
Then I learned the shocking thing: my aunt had already turned her back on Islam before I was born and became a Christian. I could not believe that she had decided to kick the honor of the family so hard!
A little later, I discovered that my aunt had written a book explaining why she had become a Christian. I became curious. In fact, I found an issue of her book. After reading it, I was pretty confused. Who was this Jesus really? I decided to secretly go to a church to learn more about the Christian faith.

A revelation
In the service, the preacher asked who wants to see Jesus. My heart was pounding. Should I actually get the chance to see Jesus? He was a puzzle around which my thoughts turned. He was the reason why my aunt had turned her back on her family, her heritage and her religion. Who was Jesus really? I wanted to see him and try out if he is real.
So I stepped out of line and went with a pounding heart forward. The pastor put his hands on my shoulders and began to pray for me. I felt a heat pouring from his hands. I closed my eyes and saw a light that was getting brighter. And then I saw Jesus!
Jesus said to me, “Son, you wanted to see me. Here I am. Follow me. I will forgive you your guilt and give you eternal life. My name Jesus should be written in your heart. “I was overwhelmed. And I knew Jesus is real. He is the son of God.
As I lay down to sleep at night, Jesus once again appeared in my dream. Again I was enveloped in this wonderful light and Jesus said: “Do not be afraid. I will protect you.”

Back in Pakistan
Back home, I tried to hide my new beliefs. I did not go to the mosque anymore, but hid on the roof of our house and prayed to Jesus there. Whenever I prayed, the peace of God deep in my heart.
But it was not long before I was confronted with my new faith. I could not deny what I had experienced with Jesus. Then I was attacked in the street, thrown to the ground and threatened. A man yelled at me that he had the right to kill me after Islam and rammed a knife into my chest. He missed my heart, but injured my lungs and I was unconscious.
And then Jesus appeared to me a third time. Again he sheathed me in his light and said: “You have championed me, I want to fight for you. You will not die. I will protect you. “To this day, Jesus kept His word.
I am a direct descendant of Muhammad. But since I am a Christian, I am a shame for my people. Only: Once you have seen Jesus, you can not help but follow him forever.

* Name changed for security reasons


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