On summer vacation in Germany


Sheikh finds a way to Jesus through a dream


Actually, Sadik, a wealthy sheikh from the Gulf States, just wanted to make a holiday in Germany. But then he has a strange dream. Deep down in him is the certainty that the Christians from Munich’s pedestrian zone have spoken the truth …

Like so many other Arabs from the Gulf States, I also spent my summer vacation – far away from the stifling heat at home – in Germany. I strolled a bit through the pedestrian zone in Munich, as I noticed people who gave away tracts and books. They also addressed me in Arabic, they were Christians.

Only recently my brother had become a Christian, which made me sad as a Muslim and burdened. At the same time, I was a little curious to bump into Christians myself, and wondered if they could convince me too. There was some reason why my brother had decided against our age-old tradition.

A god of love?

One of them told me very well what Christians believe: that Jesus was not only a prophet, but the Son of God. That nobody is good enough to go to heaven. And that God sacrificed his Son out of love for us, as a ransom for us. So that we can become God’s children and get access to God. Not by deeds, but by faith alone.

While we talked, an Arab Christian came along and she also told me about the love of God she has personally experienced. After a while, she asked me, “Are you worried that this could really be the truth with Jesus?” I did not know what to say and thought about it for the rest of the day.

A dream with consequences

The following night I had a very realistic dream: I ran through the desert and was terribly thirsty. Suddenly I discovered the Christian from the pedestrian zone. She was wearing a white robe with a big cross on it and she was giving away fresh water. I asked her for a drink, but she did not give me anything.

When I woke up, I intuitively knew that this dream was of God. He moved me deeply, and I suddenly understood what he meant: this life-giving water can only be given to those who do not reject the source of the water. The idea that Jesus is the source of life changed my heart.

Excited, I prayed that I meet the Christians a second time in the pedestrian area. And indeed: Again they stood there and gave away Bibles. They were surprised to see me again, and more when I told them about my dream. There in the pedestrian area, I decided to accept Jesus as my Savior and invite him into my life. In the middle of Munich, I experienced what it means to arrive at the source of life and that Jesus has the water of life for me.

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