The truth sought

Muslim studies the Bible and finds Jesus
Nabeel Qureshi wants to believe in God. But which religion is true? Growing up as a Muslim, he believes in the Koran. But when he deals with Jesus, he finds his way.

“Allahu Akbar. I testify: There is no god but Allah. I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. “So begins the creed of a Muslim, and so did my life. My father whispered these words in my ear shortly after my birth – just as it is tradition.
In my earliest childhood memories I sit next to my mother and she shows me word for word what is in the Koran. When I was five years old, we had read the Koran once and I could recite the last seven chapters by heart during the daily five prayers. I was proud to grow up as a Muslim in the USA. We believed that we live the truth.

Faced with a different belief
In college, I became friends with a Christian. We discussed a lot about our faith and the differences between our religions. One day, David said to me, “What if that’s true with Jesus? Are you ready to give up your belief in order to know the truth? »
I hesitated. But I had to know the truth. So I started studying the Bible with David. I was very critical, but after three years I could not deny that the Bible had strong arguments. Now I wanted to be as critical of the Koran. My entire knowledge of Islam came from my parents and imams. Now I also devoted myself to other historical sources.
I have to admit that this was a painful experience. Muhammad’s biography was dripping with lust and violence. The man I thought was an infallible saint horrified me. To strengthen my faith, I turned to the Koran. I knew him as a source of wisdom, for me he was God-given. But suddenly I doubted what was written there. Critically, that was not conclusive.

Who is God?
I was completely confused. Only one person could tell me the truth: God Himself. Every day I prayed, “God, tell me who you are. If you are Allah, help me to believe in you. If you are Jesus, tell me. No matter what it costs, I want to follow you. “I asked God to give me a dream that is so clear that I do not have to interpret it. And God heard my prayer.

God’s clear answer
I dreamed that I was standing in front of a very narrow, narrow door, so small that I just fit through it. There was a big party behind the door, but it had not started yet. I knew it was the feast in heaven. I wanted to enter, but my college friend said, “You have not accepted the invitation yet.”
The next day, I asked David what the dream might mean. He laughed and said, “Read Luke, chapter 13, verse 24.” What I found there blew me away. Jesus speaks in the verse of just that narrow door and encourages you to give up everything to get through that door that leads you to heaven. God made the parable alive in my dream and showed me at what point in my life I am standing. The truth burned in me: Jesus!
My decision for Jesus was very bad for my family. But what I found in Jesus is better than anything I had to give up.
* Name changed for security reasons

Date: 21.04.2014
Author: Miriam Hinrichs
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