When Majed El Shafie becomes a Christian, he risks his life. The Egyptian is imprisoned, tortured and given the death penalty. But he says, “Jesus is the greatest treasure a human can find. I’m ready to die for that. “

I grew up in a respected family in Cairo. But from an early age I had a hard time with Islam. He is so brutal, there is no forgiveness and no rights for women or minorities.

I also had a problem degrading people of other religions. Especially because I had fellow students who were Christians. They were so peaceful and forgiving. I admired their values ​​and principles. Why should one pursue such people?

What is behind this Jesus?

It annoyed me that I was not even allowed to engage in Christianity. But my curiosity triumphed and I started to read the Bible.

The more I read, the more I could believe that the wonderful God came to us to die for our guilt. His sacrifice and his love overwhelmed me. I wanted to worship this god. I wanted to follow him.

I gave my life to Jesus and became a Christian. The decision sent me a sense of freedom and liberation. If one suddenly experiences that one is no longer a slave of laws, but a child of God, that is indescribable!

Everything for Jesus

A little later I founded an underground church for former Muslims. We met secretly to celebrate church services and learn more about Jesus. We also worked on a newspaper calling for more rights for Christians in Egypt.

One day our hiding place flew open, soldiers stormed in and opened the fire. A friend of mine was killed. Despite this clear warning, I could not and would not stop our work and continue as before.

Prison and torture

Three months later, I was arrested. In the interrogation, I should tell about our work and reveal all the names of the employees. But I was silent. So I came to Abu Zaabel, the most notorious prison in Cairo. Few come out of here alive.

I was tortured, my cell had no window, I was lying on the floor covered with blood and only heard the cries of the inmates. After two days of torture, I was afraid that I would betray my friends. Completely desperate, I cried out to God, “Jesus, I thank you for your gift on the cross. I do not regret following you. You died for me, I too am ready to die for you. But you know how weak I am. Do not let me bring disaster to my friends. Please let me die tonight. “

But God had other plans for me.

God is there

The next day, my tormentors came with fighting dogs to tear me to pieces. But the dogs did not obey their masters, but remained quite calm and lay down at my feet. They brought three more dogs, but they did not attack me either. One of them came cautiously to me and licked my face. I was deeply moved by the message that God brought me here and that was also revealed to the guards: I am not alone. The highest is paying attention to me.

Torture and military court

For two more days, I was tortured so badly that I lost consciousness. I was taken to a hospital and it took me three months to get into the military court. There I was sentenced to death for treason.

Meanwhile, my friends worked on my rescue. In fact, managed an escape, but to save my life, I had to leave the country. I fled via Taba with a jet ski to Israel.

As bad as my story is, I can say with all my heart: If you have found Jesus, then nothing else counts. He is my Lord and Savior, my best friend, my greatest treasure. People risk their lives to live as Christians. Believe me, Jesus is more than a nice, historical figure. He is the life. And he lets himself be found.

Since 2002, Majed El Shafie lives in Canada and is committed to persecuted people.

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