Naeem Fazal


“With Christ is a relationship possible, not with Allah”

For many years, Naeem Fazal has never questioned his Muslim beliefs. But then he hears about Jesus and begins to doubt what the truth is. The answer gives him God himself. Here he tells his story.
I grew up in Kuwait. My family was very religious, but neither radical nor extreme. We fasted during Ramadan and went to the mosque on Fridays. Personally, the Koran has always been important to me, and even today I can recite entire passages by heart.
My older brother had the opportunity to study in the US and changed quite a bit. One day he told us that he had become a Christian. We were totally shocked.

Faced with Jesus
A little later I visited him in the USA. I hoped to bring him back to Islam. But then, for the first time, I was confronted with Christianity myself. I had never dealt with it before.
Once we went to the movies and watched a Christian movie. The message touched me somehow. There had to be something to it. I had always been so sure that Islam was the true way, but was that true? I was totally confused. More to myself, than to God, I said, “Now I can not understand who’s up there. If you are, show me. »
After the movie, my brother told me about Jesus. That he is the Son of God and would do anything to have a relationship with me. I mockingly asked, “So he comes here if you ask him?” He nodded and I laughed at him. But actually I thought to myself, “If that’s true, show me!”

Encounter with good and evil
When I went to sleep that evening, I suddenly got scared, as if the evil was in my bedroom bodily. It was as if death had come to fetch me. Sweatbathed, I ran to my brother. He said: “I only know one who has power over angels and demons: Jesus. Ask him to help you. ”
Back in my room, I prayed to Jesus, “I do not know who you are. I also can not call you Savior or Lord of my life. I’m just scared and need help. But if you help me, then I will follow you.”
At the same moment, the whole room was filled with God’s presence. That was indescribable. His peace was so overwhelming and penetrated into each of my molecules. And in that peace God said, “You belong to me.”
Suddenly I realized what my brother had tried to explain to me. Now I wanted to do everything to be Christian. Again and again I confessed my guilt to God and prayed ten times a life-giving prayer. I just wanted to be sure.

A relationship with the creator of the universe
As a Muslim, I have dealt a lot with Allah, but I had no relationship with Him.
How different is that with Jesus. God came to us as a human to meet us at eye level. But also to free us, so that a relationship with him is possible. Here’s the big difference: with Christ, a personal relationship is possible, not with Allah.
When asked today why I converted to Christianity, I say, try it for yourself. Take two weeks and search seriously for Jesus. He changes people completely. And give meaning to life that transcends imagination. That’s how it was with me.
God longs so much for a relationship with us. He will reveal himself if you really look for him.
* For security reasons the name has been changed.

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