How Ralf Schulz got rid of the spirits again

In Cuba, Ralf Schulz from Pirmasens gets involved in a voodoo ceremony and is in contact with ghosts there for the first time. Then it haunts him and the dark forces will not let him go. Desperately he is looking for a way out.

Ralf Schulz

It started when I was invited to a party in Cuba. I did not realize that the deceased would come too. The woman of the house, dressed in white, read from a yellowed book and puffed cigar. In the smoke she saw the spirits of the dead. I landed in a voodoo ceremony.

Suddenly a cold wind blew through the room and I felt it penetrate me. I got scared and started shaking all over. Until he left me again.

The spook continues

A little later, I was hit again by this wind. I was in my house in Cuba and all the windows were closed. Nevertheless, the wind swept through the room and came against me in my will. This time, I felt that it was not just a power, but a person who took possession of me, a ghost.

I was cold, everything was tense and I could barely walk. With the demon came a terrible feeling of disgust, as if I had to vomit. My face twisted into a grin. When I tried to say something, a strange voice came out of me. I was afraid. I was obsessed.

From then on it came again and again. At night I was violently defeated by demons. I could not do anything about it. In the hope that the spook would stop, I traveled to Venezuela. But the spirits came along.

Where is the good power?

Undoubtedly, there was an invisible world. But if you could experience the devil so real, then there had to be a good power. That gave me hope.

Although I had no idea who or what God is, but I went to my knees and asked: “You good power, who are you? And how can I experience you? “Immediately, a light, peaceful thought came to me that I should stop my journey and return to Germany. I did not know if it was the imagination, but I decided to go home.

Old man with bible

On the day of my departure I went to a restaurant and watched as a small, shaky old man came in. He was ancient and frail, but had a charisma that fascinated me. The man ordered soup and sat down next to me. He spoke softly without looking at me. I did not understand him. Then he put a small, black book on the table. It was a New Testament.

When he finished eating, he stayed with me for a while. With one hand he touched the table, with the other he raised his bible and then he prayed. In the middle of the restaurant.

I was impressed. I thought, “He probably has the right god.” And I also secretly touched the table, hoping he would pray for me.

When he left, it suddenly became crystal clear that that was the answer to my question. To find out who the good force is, I had to read the Bible.

The solution on the track

Back in Germany I started to read the New Testament and searched all the places about demons and ghosts. I knew this part of the Bible is right, because I experienced it every night. The demonic attacks meanwhile left physical traces as well. A long-term ECG showed that my heart stopped and then began to race as soon as the ghosts entered me. I was not only mentally exhausted, I was also ahead of a pacemaker.

Then I read in the Bible that Jesus, the Son of God, has risen and is alive. It was quite logical for me that I could experience Jesus as real as the evil forces. I wanted to belong to Jesus.

That’s how I became a Christian. I asked God for forgiveness and invited Jesus into my heart and into my life. And indeed, I felt the cold wind leave me, and with it the disgust, the dark, the evil. Instead, another wind came gently and unobtrusively into me.

knew that Jesus Christ lives in me now. Deep peace, love and security spread throughout me. God has completely cleared me, the horror is over. And to the utter astonishment of my doctors, God has even healed my heart!

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