«I was a convinced atheist»
Actually, Alexis Masson from Strasbourg is sure that God does not exist. So sure that he wants to convince all of them. The greater the surprise, when God suddenly shows and speaks to him …

Alexis Masson
I was about seven years old when we talked about religion in my little school in Brittany. I was the only one in the class who did not believe in God and was incredibly proud of it. I felt superior to everyone, according to the motto: “You still believe? – I left that behind long ago! »

My atheist environment
I was neither baptized, nor was I told anything about God at home. Even Christmas or Easter, we celebrated without religious reference. Actually, my family only spoke about God when they talked about the backwardness of the church.
The history lessons at school confirmed my attitude. Had not Christianity brought the Inquisition to life, given the impetus for the Crusades, and burned Galileo alive? In my view, the church opposed science and bloodied its interests.
I started to study philosophy and became a nihilist: I did not know any creator god, so there was no intention behind the universe and nothing had any meaning. Humanity was created by chance for me and would disappear again. So I wandered around the world, skeptical, hopeless, doubting everything.

A friend who needs help
In a philosophy class, I met Mike. It surprised me that he studied philosophy at the same time and was a Christian. He was for me the first Christian who thought about his faith and brought rational arguments.
For a year we discussed heatedly and tried to convince each other. I became an increasingly radical atheist. I had to push Mike off the wrong track.
In order to be able to dissect his faith, I accompanied him into all sorts of prayer groups and worship services. I felt obliged to bring all these poor Christians to their senses.

The attempt to refute the Bible
So I set out to study the Bible with the goal of listing all the contradictions. That’s how I would be able to open my eyes to Christians.
But then something crass happened. One evening when I read the Bible again, I felt someone approach me. I was both hot and cold, as if I was under a tingling shower. I heard a voice saying, “Alexis, you have become guilty. But I forgave you. As of today, I accept you as my son. »
I was totally shocked. There was God and he had just met me! He was overwhelming. His loving presence, his deep compassion, touched me deeply. Now I could no longer deny that God is real.

An incredible change
Since that evening I have changed a lot. If there is God and he is interested in me, then life is no coincidence, then everything makes sense.
I wrote my master’s thesis on the existence of God and then decided against another academic career, because I have a bigger goal: I want other people to discover the richness that there is in God.
God can be found not only through experience, but also through reason. Jesus is really alive. Try it. The best thing a person can do is to get to know him and understand who he is.

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