Desperate Muslim woman hears televangelist saving her life.


Padina was a devout Muslim who memorized Qur’an verses for hours every day before school and strictly followed all the rules. But that made her unhappy. After a divorce, the depression continued to intensify until she got to the point of trying to kill herself …

Padina loved Islam and hated Christians. She was even pleased to hear how Christians were persecuted and killed. She was told you would get a direct ticket to heaven if you killed a Christian.

Nightmares about sin and fear of Allah
She was educated according to strict Islamic rules. In each free minute she prayed and washed up to ten times during a prayer. The girls in their school were not allowed to listen to music or watch TV programs, except for a program where people could see people making pilgrimages around the Kaaba in Mecca. In addition, they could not go to parties and weddings and Western films were also taboo.But though she meticulously followed all the rituals and duties, she became depressed and had suicidal thoughts. She was always in debt and had nightmares about it. She was terrified that Allah would punish her if she did not properly cover her hair, hands, feet and legs.

When her marriage broke, in which she had invested 10 years of her life and her mother was diagnosed with MS, she was devastated. Although she had heard about Jesus in a Christian television program some time before, and then began to pray to Jesus, after the humiliation of the broken marriage and the diagnosis of her mother, she could no longer. Suicide seemed to her the only way out. So she swallowed a handful of tablets. Moments later, her mother woke up, realized that something had happened, and asked if she had swallowed any pills. Padina said no, but the mother was sure and forced her to eat yoghurt, which caused Padina to vomit. Padina was angry, but assured her mother that she would try again.

“Give Jesus a chance to prove yourself!”

Then her mother suddenly came across a televised sermon where the pastor talked about depression and said, “If you plan to kill yourself, the Lord will say, ‘Hold! I have a hope and a future for you! ‘ If you want to kill yourself, call me! “The mother immediately picked up the phone and wept as she spoke to the pastor. But Padina got angry and told her, “Why are you doing this in your last minutes? Now you’re going to hell! “Padina finally picked up the phone and proudly told the preacher,” I’m going to kill myself and your Jesus can not do anything for me. “After a long discussion on the phone, the pastor said,” You said it yourself. ” : «Allah did not do anything for you. Give Jesus one last chance. You can still kill yourself next week … “Padina agreed and said,” Ok, I’ll pray, and if Jesus does not do anything after a week, I’ll kill myself. “

The miracle cure

The next morning she was awakened by a noise and saw how her mother could walk without any problems. The doctors examined her and said, “That’s a miracle, there’s no sign of MS in her body!” Padina initially did not believe it, but when the doctor asked her, “What imam did you pray for?” She realized What had happened and said, “I prayed to Jesus.”Then Padina and her mother entrusted their lives to Jesus. Today they help in a sub-community. Padina says, “I want to live my whole life for Christ. I’m not worried anymore that someone is doing something to me. God has replaced my nightmares with visions for me and other people. “Padina’s entire story is told in the book “IRAN: Desperate for God” by “The Voice of Martyrs”.