Escape from hostage – Exempted from the hands of terrorists

Abducted, abused, chance. How should Sherzad Suleiman ever escape the armed IS terrorists? But then the Iraqi prisoner has a vision of Jesus who clearly tells him what to do. A little later he is free.

Sherzad Suleiman is an engineer. He would never have dreamed that he would ever fall into the hands of terrorists. It will happen in spring 2016. The Iraqi is currently working in the field, as a group of armed men attacks him and kidnaps him. The hostage-takers hope for a high sum ransom.

In hostage

For four days, the Islamists capture the engineer and mistreat him. “I was beaten every two hours. They shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ which means ‘Allah is bigger’, “recalls Suleiman. “One of them repeatedly hit me with his Ak47. He broke my nose and my knee and my kidney almost failed. I was physically exhausted. It was bad.”

Not alone

On the fourth day, when one of the tormentors once again attacks the engineer, he has a vision: “It was as clear as seeing something in a dream, but it was not a dream. I was awake, felt the blows and how they slowed down. And I could hear the voices of the hijackers. But there was someone else who spoke to me in Arabic. I saw this person very clearly, but apparently the others could not see the man.

In Arabic, he said to me, ‘I am Jesus.’ And then he asked me, ‘go home.’ I asked in irritation: ‘What do you mean? Do not you see that all kidnappers are here? ‘ I saw Jesus sitting in the middle of the room and again he said, ‘Go home now.’

The escape

What happens then is incredible. Sherzad Suleiman reports, “When I opened my eyes, I saw the Islamists arguing with each other. They beat each other and suddenly a terrorist shot one of his colleagues. In the turmoil I got up, just opened the door, stepped into the street and took a taxi. So I escaped the terrorists. “

But it gets even better. When the engineer comes home, his wife enthusiastically told him that Jesus had met her in a dream: “He told me that he saved you and that you will be home soon!”

“I’m not scared of anything,” says Suleiman. “Jesus saved me and he would do it again. The hostage-taking changed my life, because before that I was not a good person. I wish everyone who hears my story can start believing in Jesus. He is here and not only freed me from the terrorists, but saved all our lives. We need Jesus as much as food, like the blood that flows through our veins. Jesus is everything for me! »

Here Sherzad Suleiman tells his story:


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