“School was hell for me”


Bullying victim finds self-esteem

At school, Patricia Häfele from Lörrach is bullied for years. The exclusion and hate speech is so bad that she has suicidal thoughts as a teenager. Finally, she cries to God and promptly receives an answer …

My parents brought me faith in God early on. At the age of nine, I decided to live a life with Jesus. God spoke to me, and I was also allowed to experience supernatural things. But although I knew God, my life was not always easy. At school, I had a lot of problems with my classmates. I was badly bullied for years.
The exclusion, teasing, ridiculing and humiliation made me feel worse and worse. I was loved and supported by my parents. And I also knew that God loves me and has a plan for my life. But school bullying penetrated deeper into my soul. I lost more and more of self-confidence and finally of joie de vivre. After several years of bullying, I arrived at a point where I could no longer and no longer wanted. I was 14 years old, my life made no sense to me, I was at the end of my powers.
Everything is too much
One morning in December I had a violent argument with my parents. Filled with rage and desperation, I screamed that I probably would not get home from school because I’m throwing myself in front of the train. And I really meant that seriously. I wanted to break up. But something on the way to school kept me from throwing myself on the tracks or in the freezing cold river. Back home, I ran straight to my room and broke down there crying.Until the evening I thought about my life and howled all the time. Although I had experienced so much with God as a child, I doubted its existence. In the evening, I decided to slit the main artery of my left arm to bleed to death. I put on the craft scalpel. And then, one last time, I gave God a chance to prove to me that I exist and that I do not care about him: “God, if there really is, then show it to me! I open my Bible three times now. If anything in a single verse is anything like suffering, death, sin, strife, or anything negative, then I’ll kill myself … »
God answers I
took my Bible and opened it indiscriminately three times somewhere. The verses were about love, hope and reconciliation. Coincidence? As a hedge, I read the entire chapter of the third verse and found that it was about suffering and strife. Only my verse was positive, as I had requested from God. Again tears came to my eyes. But this time because I felt that I did not care about God. Suddenly, deep in my heart, I knew he was there, standing with me when others turned against me. I understood that God loves me even when others despise me. Peace and comfort entered my heart. Crying, I thanked God for the preservation. And asked him to forgive me for believing lies and doubting them. I also asked him that the bullying finally stops and that I find a girlfriend.
God will never let us down.
The next morning my parents came to me, apologized for the argument, and we reconciled. In fact, my class gradually began to accept me. It took almost a year, but finally I was integrated. Some even apologized to me. God has not only restored my self-esteem and shown me who I really am, he has also answered my prayers and given me a true best friend.I have experienced that God is always there for you. It helps me overcome the fear of opening myself to other people. And when new difficulties come to me, I know he gives me the strength to master my challenges. In my favorite Bible verse, Job, chapter 36, verse 22, it says: “Keep in mind God’s great power! He is the best teacher there is! »

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Date: 07.09.2018
Author: Miriam Hinrichs


Source: Jesus.ch / mystory.me