“I was convinced that there is no God.”

Throughout her life, Kirsten Powers was sure that God could not exist. She makes a career, lives a good life. For the sake of a friend she deals with the Bible. And what she experiences in the process completely upsets her previous ideals.

I grew up as the daughter of two archeologists. We went to church occasionally, but religion was never an issue for us. When I grew up, my father expressed his doubts about Christianity and that drove me out the last spark of child faith. At the age of 20, I described myself as an atheist and was convinced that there can be no God.

Life with a career, but no God.

My religion was politics. For six years I worked for the government of Bill Clinton. Then I moved to New York and worked for the Democratic Party. Later for the station Fox News. My whole life was about politics. I did not even think about God. Also all my friends were atheists.

Friendship with a pious

Sometime I met a man who was a Christian. Actually, I thought he was a very unsexy believer, but he was a great guy and we came together. One evening he asked me if I believe that Jesus is my Savior. For him, the question was whether it makes sense in the long term to be with someone who could not share with him the most important thing of his life – his faith. I did not mean to fool him and honestly said that I could never believe in Jesus. For me, faith in God was for children or weak-minded ones.

For the sake of the partner in the church

To give him pleasure, I went to church with him a few weeks later. The congregation met in a hall, a band also played, but the whole pious procedure was not to my taste. Only when the pastor began to preach, I was confessed. I had never heard anyone talk so eloquently. Intellectual, fluid, with historically and philosophically interesting thoughts. The only thing that really bothered me was that he kept talking about Jesus. But his ideas for life grabbed me. I wanted to hear more about that. So I went back. And every time I was impressed again by the words of the pastor.

What is the truth?
In fact, after a while, I began to question my atheism. How could I be convinced that there is nothing there? Although I could not believe in Jesus in that sense, denying anything religious was perhaps not right either. Inspired by the pastor, I even started to read the Bible and found it to be a very wise book. Nevertheless, I felt no connection to God. Many people in the church claimed that God speaks or meets them, but I thought they were imagining it. Until someday it happened to me.


Meeting Jesus
It was one morning on a trip to Taiwan. I was just waking up when I saw Jesus. At first I did not know if I was still dreaming, but it was real. Jesus came to me and said, “Here I am.” Throughout the day, I could not stop thinking about it. That day my friend quit with me. The pain of separation shot through my whole body, but what I experienced with Jesus was stronger. It totally absorbed my thoughts.


A New Life
A few days later I returned to New York. The thought that Jesus was really there confused me and also scared me a little. How could I handle this? I decided to go to a Bible group for the first time in my life. On the one hand, it was incredibly embarrassing for me, how could I justify that in front of my colleagues and friends? But I just had to learn more about Jesus. I can not remember what the Bible Bible was about, but I felt something change in me. I suddenly knew deep inside that it was all true. It was as if a veil had lifted and as if I finally understood the secret of life. In me, an indescribable joy spread wide.In the next few months changed in me faith and doubt. I kept trying to convince myself that I’m just imagining it all. But God’s presence was undeniable. And she was no longer frightening, but filled me, on the contrary, with great joy and with deep peace. Today I am grateful that God has met me, although I had nothing to do with him. Because he is the best thing that ever happened to me.



Source: Livenet.ch