Vision personally

Vision personally

What God wants to teach us personally at this time

Kirche am Bahnhof, Frankenberg 24.01.2021

Andreas Latossek

This sermon is translated from German into English. You can find the original video here


We have two sermons last Sunday and this Sunday that align us with the New Year that lies ahead.

What God wants to teach us personally at this time is of course a steep statement.

These sermons are based on a statement by Jesus that we read in

Mt. 24: 43-44: Mt. 24: 43-44 Make one thing clear to yourself: if a householder knew in advance what time of night the thief was coming, he would stay up and prevent the break-in. So be ready at all times; for the Son of Man will come at an hour if you do not expect it.


These words of Jesus have a larger context.

Here you can see a picture.
In the foreground the Mount of Olives with a lot of graves.
The Jews believe that the Messiah will come over the Mount of Olives, and then they will be the first to attend the resurrection of the dead.
On the right you can see the Gethsemane garden and in the middle there is a mosque on the place of the original temple, because the words of Jesus have come true.
The temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

However, the disciples could not have known that, and they did not let go of two questions:

Mt. 24: 3-14: “Tell us: When will this happen, and what sign will herald your second coming and the end of the world?” “Be careful that nobody misleads you!” Replied Jesus. “For many will appear under my name; they will claim they are the Messiah and will mislead many. You will hear of wars; you will hear that there is a threat of war. Don’t let this scare you. It has to come this way, but it’s not the end yet. One people will rise up against another and one kingdom against another. Famine and earthquakes will soon hit this area and soon that. But all of this is just the beginning, it is ‘like’ the beginning of labor pains. You will be betrayed, persecuted and killed. For my name’s sake you will be hated by all peoples. Many will fall away from the faith; they will betray one another, they will hate one another. False prophets will appear in great numbers and will mislead many. And because lawlessness will prevail, love will grow cold in most. But whoever remains steadfast to the end will be saved. The message of the kingdom of “God” will be preached all over the world so that all peoples may hear it. Then comes the end.


The Bible describes how God actually intended life for us humans.

As I said, it is speculation when the time will come.


What God wants to teach us personally at this time, the 1st is:


We are not in control of our lives.


Last time I read the following verse from the Bible, it fits so well into our situation:

The second thing I believe God wants to teach us:

As Christians, we are included in everything that Jesus says to his disciples.

In a crisis, what is in us comes out.

A lot of people have told me, I’m not worried, I’m not scared, everything is just protection for one’s neighbor.

And now Jesus says: get up and look at me.

And God’s peace, which is beyond our understanding, will keep your hearts and minds in faith in Jesus Christ.

The 3rd sounded just now:

3. Live your relationship with Jesus

All of these witnesses who surround us like a cloud inspire us. That is why we – like runners in a competition – want to run towards the goal with all our endurance. We want to put aside everything that prevents us from walking, part from the sin that so easily captivates us, and turn our gaze to Jesus, the pioneer of faith who has preceded us. Knowing the joy that awaited him, Jesus undertook death on the cross, and the shame it entailed could not deter him. That is why he is now sitting on the throne in heaven on God’s right side. So if you are in danger of getting tired, think of Jesus! How much he was hostile to sinful people, and how patiently he endured everything! If you keep this in mind, you will not lose heart. Hebrew 12.2-3

Perhaps you too have grown tired of believing.

The 4th point gives me a real headache:

4. Love and encourage your neighbor

When I look into our society, I notice that we think very strongly in black and white, but there is almost nothing in between.

What does Jesus say about how we should treat one another?

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to discuss different points of view.

5. Live your mission “

Now who of you is the faithful and wise servant whom his master has given the task of overseeing the rest of the servants and distributing his daily ration punctually to each one? Such a servant can rejoice when the master returns and finds him at work.

Last summer a lot of people sent me a quote from Martin Luther:

You see, everyone told me, even Luther said we should be careful, we should ventilate and avoid people.

And here too: everyone checks for themselves whether this is true:

Yes, we should be prudent during this time.

I want to encourage us this year

Finally, a quote from C.S. Lewis.

“How should we live in a nuclear age?”
I am tempted to answer: “Well, like you would have lived in the sixteenth century, when the plague struck the city of London almost every year, or how you would have lived in the Viking Age, when robbers from Scandinavia would land on us every night and cut your throat; or the way you are already living in the age of cancer, syphilis, paralysis, terrorist attacks, air accidents and car accidents. ”
In other words, let’s not begin to believe that we are facing a completely new challenge.
Believe me, dear Sir or Madam, you and everyone you love were sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented. Quite a high percentage of us will die in a rather uncomfortable way like this.
In fact, we had and still have a very great advantage over our ancestors: anesthesia. But it’s ridiculous to whine and make long faces.
The atom bomb is just another opportunity for a painful and premature death in a world where there are many ways to die.
Death is not a possibility, but a certainty.

If this atom bomb destroys us, let it catch us doing meaningful and benevolent things.

I would like to pray